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INSTAGRAM : @laddceramics



I am an artist and researcher from West Yorkshire based currently in London. I have recently (2023) graduated from Central Saint Martins Ceramic Design BA. 

Within my work I want to explore what it means to be from England, and ways to connect to it that is genuine and rich -beyond flag waving and populist patriotism.  I aim to make links to current societal issues and create discussion about the ways we live in this country and taking historical evidence and thoughts forward using making and collaboration - with others and disciplines. 

This came from understanding the need for English culture to decolonise and thinking about what could replace the social understanding of what it means to be English by looking into historical events and traditions that show an alternative narrative to existing here we can offer up .


I see the process of research and making as cyclical and of equal importance, each project creating its own archive of material. I use clay, and in particular cob, as it is something that physically connects us to the earth and land we took it from. We reach in and scoop out the earth, changing the landscape and feeling it between our fingers and under our nails - we connect with it and it with us. I also use other mediums such as film and publications to add to the depth of the work depending on the research and what fits the project.


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