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A week in The Void


This week has felt like going no where. And then its over.

Going back to practical work has been quite nerve wracking and its been a struggle to pick up the clay. My safety net of the research period is always too easy to remain in - and though I really enjoy it I still feel worried about my lack of physical ideation, I know I need to just start, to begin to make connections between my ideas and clay, but my nerves and brain fog hold me back.

Next week I have a tutorial which I am looking forward to - this will hopeful get the ball rolling and give me new things to think about.

A short reflection but I am trying to be honest and that way I can see where I need to adapt

I also want to remember not to be hard on myself because being creative is hard enough without the looming presence of the pandemic. So well done for trying.

One of the collages I made this week.

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