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Some Initial Trailing Thoughts- full of questions and not many answers

Updated: Mar 11, 2021


Humans crave connection and tribalism -a breeding ground for nationalism and opportunistic politicians.

The rise in the right wing is always worrying how can we reach out and try stop this sway, the enticing pull of fascism, a successful delivery of divide and conquer. Is there another way to celebrate and relate to this island?

Thinking about the ground beneath my feet, the swells and dips. How do we connect to our patch of the world? Does modern life allow for it away from nationalism- or do we need to cast our eyes back to traditions our ancestors held?

Nowadays our markings of the year are pseudo christian holidays swollen by capitalisms hungry belly. Artificial slickness, sickly sweet and cloying. This past year is the first year I have used the pagan wheel of the year to notice and be aware of the changes in the earth around me. I am stunned by how easy and natural it feels to shift my awareness this way.

Could simple changes such as noticing the earth around us cause ripples into behavioural shifts? I don't know,

though to me it doesn't seem we would be any worse for it.

Ilkley Moor on Film

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